Bruce Barnbaum

While my educational background was in mathematics and physics (B.A.and M.A., UCLA, 1965 and 1967), I turned to photography after three years of work as a computer programmer and math analyst, in 1970. My initial interest was in the landscape (and still is), but my interests expanded over the years, into abstracts, architecture, and anything else of visual interest to me.

Today I do my black and white work almost exclusively with a 4×5″ Linhof Master Technika camera, using film and traditional darkroom processing. I do my color imagery digitally, currently employing a Sony XR10 or Canon G15, doing my processing almost exclusively in Adobe ACR, with infrequent help from Adobe Photoshop.


For more details: www.barnbaum.com/about

Nik Rave

My name is Nik Rave, Family, Events, and Products photographer. My journey in photography started occasionally like all the greatest things in our life happen. I looked at the world and felt like there is not enough room in my head to store all the beauty that surrounds us. Then it began. First digital and then amazed by nature and look of the old school photography I have fallen in love with FILM photography.

Day after day, year by year of this passion, and I have become who I’m today. Loving my craft, loving to bring happiness to people, catching emotions that are flying like birds “just splits of the seconds” and it’s gone forever. I have never learned photography as a degree or a subject, but it just happened that I was surrounded by extraordinarily talented people that were happy to share with me their visions, perception, their knowledge, their unique way to see the world.


For more details: www.ravephoto.net/nikrave

Benedict Brain

Benedict Brain is a visionary photographer whose work epitomizes the boundless power of creativity. With a lens as his paintbrush and the world as his canvas, Benedict’s photographs transcend mere documentation, capturing emotions, stories, and imagination. His images are visual poetry, meticulously composed to evoke a profound sense of wonder and curiosity.


Through his lens, ordinary scenes become extraordinary, revealing hidden beauty in the mundane. Benedict’s innate ability to infuse his work with a unique perspective and an unwavering passion for experimentation sets him apart. His portfolio showcases a masterful blend of technical skill and artistic flair, inviting viewers to embark on a transformative journey through the realm of imagination.


For more details: https://www.benedictbrain.com/about

Lee Nordbye

Lee Nordbye is a landscape photographer, speaker, and teacher based in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada. An award-winning and published photographer, Lee is known for a bold photographic style that highlights the intimate details and nuances of the natural world. Call him a fine art photographer with an adventurous spirit, Lee enjoys spending time in the outdoors and immersing himself in his subject in order to capture scenes in the moment. His elegant and soulful approach to photography is matched by a passion to challenge himself, explore wild places, and have fun while doing it.


A recovering accountant, Lee retired in 2016 after 26 years of number-crunching and now dedicates his detail-oriented mind to scanning the landscape for elements often lost in grand, sweeping images. Growing up in Slave Lake, he explored Northern Alberta on motorized vehicles and had an early introduction to camping and hiking in the Rockies. Lee has now shifted his focus to primarily exploring off the beaten track and using his two feet to get there. The result is the creation of a body of photographic work that showcases the landscapes and involves a process that is as rewarding creatively as it is to Lee’s passion and well-being.


When he’s not behind the lens, Lee’s interests include travel, curating bad dad jokes, learning to play guitar, training with hot yoga, hockey, and watching Formula 1 racing, bad sitcoms, and British crime dramas. In his ideal world, these are best enjoyed with dark chocolate and coffee.


For more details : https://www.leenordbyephotography.com

David John Clow

Dave has been a serious photographer for more than 50 years. He enjoys most genre of photography – from wildlife and landscapes, to sports, abstracts, architecture, and portrait/human figure photography. AV show production has been equally rewarding for both personal satisfaction and public fundraising opportunities. Over the last 2 years, he has started drone imagery, producing professional quality videos as well as still photography. David made the switch to digital in 2002, and mirrorless in 2022.

Viktoria Haack

Viktoria is originally from the UK and a resident of BC, Canada since 2007. She is heavily influenced by the beautiful environment that surrounds her.

She has a background in fine art and anthropology. This combined with her love for the natural world, brings a unique perspective to her photography. Her ethos is to tread lightly; observe and document the subtle visual story within whichever photographic genre she is working.

Viktoria’s work covers the fields of landscape and nature, portrait, wedding, event, promotion, editorial, stock and photography education. The diversity of her work allows cross pollination of skills and experiences between these different photographic genres and allows her to stay creative and excited about the projects she undertakes. She loves nothing more than sharing her passion for photography in an educational role – whether that is over a cup of coffee and a chat or on a multi-day back country workshop.

Viktoria is proud to be a Nikon Canada Ambassador and Global Ambassador for Kase Filters and Lowepro Bags. She has been published by numerous media outlets around the globe, both online and in print. Some of these include the BBC, CBC, N Photo Magazine, Outdoor Photography, Practical Photography, Photo Life, Canadian Geographic, Vogue Italia and Digital Photo Magazine.


For more details: https://www.viktoriahaackphotography.ca/

Darren Robinson

Born and raised in Vancouver, Darren has spent the majority of his life residing in beautiful British Columbia, with the exception of a three-year stint in Jasper, Alberta. This tenure in the Rockies allowed him to hone his skills further in one of the world’s most stunning regions. While in Jasper, Darren started Focus On The Rockies, a photography workshop that brought world-class photographers together to instruct novice and intermediate participants on improving their photography skills.


Darren’s work has been featured in many tourism-based marketing pieces, magazines and websites. He is an Explorer Quotient (EQ) standard photographer, a high level tourism/lifestyle marketing segmentation tool as implemented by the Destination Canada and adopted by Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association. His client list includes Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association, Shuswap Tourism, City of West Kelowna, Similkameen Valley Planning Society, City of Merritt, Enderby & District Chamber of Commerce, SASCU, Boundary Country Tourism, Marmot Basin, Jasper Tourism, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, Tourism Powell River, Sunshine Coast Tourism and many more!

Bill Pratt

I believe pressing the shutter is only the first step in the photographic process. The photographic Image can be so much more than it was in the past. Modern tools now allow the photographer to more clearly convey to the viewer the artist’s interpretation of the world and of life. I use a varied tool kit to create an Image that hopefully evokes for the viewer a strong sense of what I experienced and what I felt; not just what I saw.


For more details: www.billprattphoto.com

Jessica Rae

Jessica Rae’s journey is a testament to resilience, creativity, and an innate connection to various art forms. As an artist at heart, she delved into a multitude of creative expressions, spanning from drawing and painting to sculpting and beyond. Her love for photography began in high school, where she delved into the intricacies of photography, learning on an old Hanimex BW Film Camera.

Initially bound for Emily Carr University of Art and Design, life had other plans, steering her toward the responsibilities with the birth of three children within four whirlwind years, eventually culminating in a brave departure from a toxic and abusive relationship.

As a single mother, Jessica returned to the professional realm, working in Digital Print Shops, yet her passion for Art + Photography persisted. It was during this time that she resolved to seize her dreams, picking up her camera and immersing herself wholeheartedly in the industry she yearned to embrace.

Her personal narrative, forged through diverse experiences, ignited within her an unwavering commitment—to provide a haven within her art, a sanctuary where subjects could explore their raw authenticity and vulnerability. Her own quest for a safe space to navigate her truths infuses her work, fostering an empathetic resonance between photographer and subject.

For 13 years now, Jessica Rae has woven her empathy, intuition, and neurodivergent perspective into her photography, crafting images that echo the depth of human emotion and resilience. Her lens not only captures moments but also orchestrates a safe haven for genuine exploration, reflecting her innate ability to connect with the human spirit.

Dennis Ducklow

Dennis Ducklow’s photography is driven by his quest for creative expression. His connection to the beauty of nature and the intrigue of portraiture spawned his business, Double Exposure Photography, where he provides images to a diversity of commercial and portrait clients. Currently, Dennis’ interest is in creating impressionistic and abstract images in natural and urban environments near his home in Metro Vancouver or wherever his travels take him.


When not creating imagery, Dennis keeps busy teaching the craft and art of photography to all levels. After a successful career in public education, he loves to combine his experience in teaching with his passion for photography. Nothing much is sweeter than hearing students exclaim, “You changed my life!”. Until recently, Dennis was a co-instructor in teaching 6-day creative photography workshops in multiple locations, including Montréal, Bella Coola and Gabriola Island.


When at home, the garden, which is simply another place to practice composition and create visual interest, is his canvas. If there’s any time left over, Dennis will likely be riding near or far on his motorcycle, always with the camera in the saddle bags.


For more details : https://www.doubleexposure.ca

Rod Trider, Hon FCAPA

Photographic Artist / Printer / Judge / Presenter / Curator

A photographic based multi-media artist and Master digital printer, Rod’s passion is to create unique photographic and multi-media art works. Rod exhibits frequently in art galleries, art shows and public spaces. His works are in collections in over 12 countries. As well as running Advanced Images, a boutique photographic printing company that has specialized for over 20 years in working with photographers & artists that are exhibiting or selling their work.

He has also curated or co-curated over 40 art exhibits and is a national & international photographic competition judge, having judged over 290 times. He teaches and presents at photo clubs, regional & international conferences.

When time permits, he enjoys photographing local hidden treasures as well as in far off places around the world that are rapidly changing.

Gareth Jones

After retiring from his career as a forensic scientist, Gareth took up photography in 2015. He has discovered that photography & digital art are terrific tools for him to give his imagination, vision, and inquisitive mind life. He explores all images – including abstracts or concepts created from my photographs or digital art – as he strives to enjoy and balance life while he creates!

He sees the world with all its wonders and struggles, both big and small & then he put his take on it. “My images are what I see, what I think & often what I imagine. I hope my images give viewers some spark to their day – a thought, an aha! moment, the chance to enjoy the whatever place my image takes them”. His mind is full of images & he loves to share them.

He is a multi-gold medalist at the International Salon, he has won several international competitions for both photography and digital art in both Canada, the United States and Europe, and he is a 15-time award winner in CAPA competitions since he joined in 2017.

Gareth artworks are held in private collections around the world and are sold on several online web galleries, through his website or directly via his Facebook / Instagram pages. He recently won a City of Toronto competition which resulted in a gallery exhibition in the Cedar Ridge Creative Centre to be held in April 2024.

He is often a regular speaker at camera clubs across the country and in the UK on “The Challenge of Creativity” & “My journey as an artist”.

He is still discovering, taking, and making art and plan on continuing to do so for years to come.