Bruce Barnbaum - The Art of Photography:
Personal Expression, Seeing and Creativity

Renowned photographer Bruce captures the essence of humanity and nature in his vibrant imagery, showcasing the dynamic interplay of forces in both natural landscapes and human creations. From bold realism to abstract mystery, his work reflects a profound understanding of light, form, and relationships. Bruce’s groundbreaking exploration of slit canyons in 1980 brought these wonders to the world for the first time. A master of black and white traditional darkroom printing, he seamlessly transitions to digital processes for his color work.

Bruce’s portfolio extends to six published books, ranging from artful collaborations with musicians to acclaimed textbooks. A respected educator, he has sold over 200,000 copies of “The Art of Photography,” a widely recognized standard for photographic insight. As an environmental advocate for over five decades, Bruce emphasizes the urgent need to protect our planet, weaving his passion for nature seamlessly into his art and teachings. Currently crafting his Magnum Opus, “Discoveries of a Lifetime”, Bruce continues to pioneer and inspire through his photography, writings, and environmental activism.

Nik Rave - Mastering the Change

In a time of big changes, allow me to take you on the personal journey of managing AI technology and adapting it to a photographer’s workflow.
Through the perspective of our craft, we will discuss and discover where it will lead us and how every change can become a positive experience.

Benedict Brain - The Art of Seeing

Using images from his long-running column in Digital Camera World magazine called The Art of Seeing, UK-based photographer Benedict Brain will explore a variety of approaches to image-making. Whether using a smartphone camera or a fancy ‘big’ camera, learning to look, see, and notice is vital to the photographic process. Understanding composition, timing, and light, along with learning how to tell stories and engage with the world photographically, are all part of the photographic process. Benedict will offer practical tips for the smartphone photographer on how to get the best out of a phone camera, along with insight on how to connect with the world with a camera mindfully.

Lee Nordbye - An Artist’s Adventures and Misadventures in the Mountains.

In this talk, Lee recounts stories of ascending mountains, exploring glaciers to look for ice caves, skating on wild ice, hiking in the Rockies, and trekking in the Himalaya. Pairing his stories with bold visuals, Lee also throws in a misadventure or two as he recounts in detail what energizes him to take up adventures. In this presentation, he’ll share the inspiration for each of his visual stories, as well as some tips and tricks he uses for capturing his unique images.

David John Clow - Antarctic Photography

Based on his personal experiences travelling to Antarctica and the Subantarctic Islands, most recently in February 2023, David will review historic and current methods for capturing breathtaking imagery in one of the most unique environments on our planet.

Discussions will also include some planning logistics that are equally unique to these photography destinations, with emphasis on the safety/wellbeing of both the photographer and the safety/protection of all the wildlife that make up the very intricate marine ecosystem found at the bottom of our planet.

Presentation materials will include stills, videos, AVs, and fine art prints.

Viktoria Haack - The Art of Connection: Stories Through the Lens

As a photographer spanning multiple genres, the theme of connection serves as a unifying element that ties together both my images and my approach to my photographic journey, on a personal as well as business level.


Join me in this presentation as I explore the significance of connection and its impact on shaping the narratives I capture and share.

Darren Robinson - The Art of Framing

Framing is an often overlooked and underutilized tool of compositional craftsmanship. When implemented thoughtfully, the story in your image unfolds with purpose.

Discover how framing can be used across all genres of photography to help empower and showcase your subject the way it naturally should.

Bill Pratt - Freeing Your Muse

How far do you want to push beyond just Thinking Like a Photographer? Bill will share his journey on how to be more creative in achieving the desired Image from the captured data. He’ll provide examples of before and after Images and present a few AV Shows.

Jessica Rae - Exploring the Soul of Photography: Unveiling the essence of photography beyond technical aspects.

Join local Photographer, Jessica Rae, as she journeys into the heart of portrait photography, as she unveils the essence of capturing emotions beyond technicalities, as an intimate portrait artist.

Jessica begins by sharing her personal evolution as a photographer, emphasizing the importance of finding a unique voice in the art form. Through a visual narrative of influential moments, she illustrates the transformative power of personal vision.

The core of her presentation lies in the exploration of emotional storytelling through imagery. Jessica reveals techniques and showcases her own art, each with a vivid emotional narrative. She demonstrates how connections with subjects and artful composition can evoke profound feelings within a frame.

Dennis Ducklow - Create Art with ICM and Multiple Exposure

In this presentation, Dennis will share many techniques he has learned on his continuing journey toward creative photographic expression. After describing his approach when working with a subject, he’ll illustrate several possibilities using intentional camera movement. Then, by using multiple exposure with or without ICM, the possibilities for creative expression multiplies exponentially. The session is sure to leave you inspired to unleash and expand your photographic creativity, whether or not you are already familiar with these ideas.

Rod Trider, Hon FCAPA - The Art and Craft of Fine Art Digital Printing

A demonstration / presentation on the steps to creating a fine art print from your images. I’ll outline why prints are still relative and provide details on how anyone can create archival fine art prints without breaking the bank.

Gareth Jones - Midjourney AI and Creativity
How I Use AI in My Photography and Art